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VENTUS sp. z o.o. is created by people that have been operating in the recycling business since the year 2000. The amount of the reprocessed films have been repeatedly increased over the last few years. The innovative machinery being used helps obtain high quality re-granulate that can be rarely found on the market, which combined with many years’ staff experience guarantees the highest quality and purity level of the final product. Our newest technology co financed by EU, - hot washing - is breakthrough in recycling of polyethylene film. Our products, concerning purity and odor neutrality could be compared with virgin material.

VENTUS sp. z o.o., employes over 160 people, working three shifts, 24 hrs, 363 days a year is a big player on the recycling and re-granulate producing market. Our production tops up 20 000 tons per year.


The unique configuration of the line assures complete washing and flotation of waste film, no chemical treatment used. The line has the capacity of 2.500 tons of monthly input. To assure that our re-granulates are made of polyethylene only each film to be recycled at the facility is manually out-sorted before it goes to the shredder.

Hot washing step gives unbelievable washing and separation results. Paper, wooden parts, oil, dirt are effectively washed and separated.

The modern cascade extruders operating in the granulation section are of triple degassing system and huge filtration area (up to 4.000 cm ). The produced re- granulates are subject for double low-pressure filtration (< 12 MPa).

To standardize the productive parameters of our re-granulate for each shipment, they are mixed in bulk after having been produced.



Ventus sp. z o.o.
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mobile: +48 532 468 148 - UK/ Far East

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Mobile: +49 15251977735 - Germany

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mobile: +48 602 624 594 - Poland

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